October Potter







In 1965, Stanley Smith set out across the North Sea in a 14-foot West Wight Potter, his own design, to deliver it to a customer in Sweden. Encountering a terrible storm, he was shipwrecked at Hvide Sande on the coast of Denmark. The Potter, miraculously, survived intact, and after a period of repair and recovery, Stan continued his journey, across the Kattegat to Sweden. This is the tale of the journey.

The booklet was originally published in 1967 by Stanley Smith. In 2020 I was pleased to update and republish “October Potter” in print and e-book editions, with a number of previously unseen photos, and a biography of Stan Smith. These books are available from my online shop:
Print edition: ISBN: 978-1-8380136-1-5
E-book edition: ISBN: 978-1-8380136-0-8