s m i t h s   a t   s e a


In 1949, Stanley and Colin Smith sailed across the Atlantic, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to Dartmouth UK, in a small yacht, the Nova Espero, which they had designed and built themselves, wishing to prove their credentials as boatbuilders. At the time, their journey was the toast of the British, if not the world's press. Stanley Smith later wrote 'Smiths At Sea', the light-hearted story of their Atlantic crossing. It is a small book, that many in the yachting fraternity remember with great fondness. The subsequent journeys of Nova Espero, and Stanley Smith's later creation, the West Wight Potter, which is still being built to this day and enjoys an avid following worldwide, reinforced the 'legend' - surely two such modest and self-effacing men would tremble at the suggestion, but legendary they were - of the Smith brothers, and of this little book.

After many years out of print, I am delighted to announce that a second edition, with an additional
foreword by Colin Smith, was published by me in 2006.

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