Here is the full list of Nova Espero-related publications; the originals are long out of print, but are occasionally available on eBay, AbeBooks, etc. Other Smith / Nova Espero memorabilia are also sold from time to time on eBay. Updated version of Smiths at Sea and October Potter have been republished by me and are available from my online shop.


Nova - The History of the Nova Espero

  • Of the canoe "Menomopote", Footnote 1 on Page 7 says "... it’s almost certain she was built by Theo Smith, Old Stan’s father. Almost certain, because online searches show there were two craft called Menomopote, the other somewhere under 18 feet in length, being raced at the end of the 19th century by a Mr Tuckett." Further research has confirmed that it was the same craft. Menomopote was built in Oxford in 1895 by Theo Osborn Smith, initially for Walter Stewart. She then belonged to, or was sailed by, various members of the Tuckett family around the English coast. It's not clear when she came back to the Smith family, but it is the same Menomopote that Old Stan raced in the 1930s.
  • On Page 149, it is stated that Gerald Smith served as Coxswain of the Yarmouth Lifeboat, as his father had before him. It has been pointed out to me that this wasn’t in fact the case; Gerald never served in the RNLI. I apologise for my error.

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