The boatbuilding Smiths begin with Theo Osborn Smith (1862 – 1924), born in Oxford, and later living in Yarmouth IoW. His two sons, Stanley (1888 – 1971) and Erle (1891 – 1975) both trained as boatbuilders, and worked during the Great War at the Royal Naval shipyard in Invergordon. Erle later moved into property development and film-making, as well as writing, and composing music.
Stanley Smith married Jean Ross (1893 – 1928) and had three children, Stanley junior (1918 – 1980), Jeanette (1919 – 1981) and Colin (1921 – 2018). After Jean’s death in 1928, Stanley married again, to Ena Green (1908 – 2003), and had two further children, Gerald (1931 – 1983) and Avril (1932 – 2017).

Included here as honorary Smiths are Theo Somes (1917 – 2008; the son of Stanley Smith’s sister, Evelyn), and Charles Violet (1912 – 2007). Theo was another highly-skilled boatbuilder, who assisted in the renovations of Nova Espero, and in building several other Smith boats in the 1950s. Charles Violet was a good friend of Stanley Smith junior, accompanying him on Nova Espero‘s second Atlantic crossing in 1951, and making two further, solo, journeys in Nova Espero.

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